PaCo Participant Contacts
The Coordinator Contacts (CoCo) or the Participant Contacts (PaCo) select the Project Legal Signatories (PLSIGN) and the Project Financial Singatories (PFSIGN) from the list of Legal Signatories (LSIGN) and Financial Singatories (FSIGN) on the Participant Portal, during the Grant Agreement preparation stage. 
Panel review The Panel review is comprised of representatives from each group of evaluators assessing the projects of a given Call. The task of the panel is to examine and compare the consesus reports, to check the consistency of the scores applied during the consensus discussions and, where necessary, to propose a new set of scores. 
Part A The part of a proposal containing all administrative data. This part is completed directly on the Participant Portal. 
See Administrative forms
Part B The part of a proposal explaining the work to be carried out, and the roles of the participants in the consortium. This part is uploaded to the Participant Portal as a pdf file.
Participants The members of a consortium in a proposal or project. These are legal entities, and have rights and obligations with regard to the Community.
PCoCo Primary Coordinator Contact - the main person responsible for a project, who can submit requests, reports and notifications to the Commission on behalf of the consortium. There can only be one PCoCo per project. 
Periodic reports

"The coordinator must submit a periodic report within 60 days following the end of each reporting period. The periodic report must include the following:

  • a periodic technical report 
  • periodic financial report "

More information on the content of the periodic technical report and periodic financial report can be found in the H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement - Article 20.3. 

PI Principal Investigator - the researcher applying for an ERC grant. On the Participant Portal, the PI is considered the proposal coordinator, as the person preparing the proposal. 
PIC Participant Identification Code, needed for all participants in H2020 projects. This is obtained after an organisation has been registered on the Participant Portal. More information can be found here
PFSIGN Project Financial Signatories - selected by the PaCo/CoCo, from the list of FSIGN appointed by the LEAR, for each project. PFSIGNs will sign the financial statements for the project on behalf of the organisation.
PLSIGN Project Legal Signatories - selected by the PaCo/CoCo, from the list of LSIGN appointed by the LEAR, for each project. PLSIGNs will sign the Grant Agreement and amendments for the project on behalf of the organisation. 
Proposal A description of the planned research activities, information on who will carry them out, how much they will cost, and how much funding is requested. 
Public body "Any legal entity established as public body by national law or an international organisation" [from H2020 Guide on beneficiary registration, validation and financial viability check]

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