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Consortium Agreements

Active projects (FP7)

Note: templates and examples are restricted to CERN members of personnel only.

1  Consortium Agreement that includes only those parties that have signed the Grant Agreement (Beneficiaries)

2  Consortium Agreement that includes both the Beneficiaries as well as the Partner Organisations (i.e. those entities that do not receive EC funds but take part in the training activities and host researchers) 

3  If the project foresees Partner Organisations that cannot sign the Consortium Agreement for legal reasons but would participate in the project through the hosting of a researcher, then the Party sending the researcher must conclude with the Partner Organisation a Partnership Agreement and ensure that the obligations under the Grant Agreement (in particular IP!) are respected, i.e. it must ensure that the Partner Organisation understands these obligations and complies with them. A concrete example: under the Grant Agreement the principle is that IP generated under a project is owned by the Party which generated it. Under a secondment this means that the sending Party will own the IP whose researcher has generated the IP - and NOT the hosting Partner Organisation. It requires the authorisation by the EC if the consortium wishes to change this principle for a particular case and a Party cannot take this decision unilaterally. It is up to each Party to conclude a Partnership Agreement with another Party or Partner Organisation.

4  Experience has shown that if the Project Coordinator at CERN him/herself writes down the Background IP he/she needs from each Beneficiary, the Consortium Agreement is finalised much quicker. The best moment to complete this template is obviously the time when the proposal is established, however, should this not be possible the Project Coordinator should complete and send it for approval by the relevant Beneficiary at the time when the Consortium Agreement is established.

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