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The EU Projects Office team (IPT-EU)

Group Leader: IPT-EU
Christopher Hartley is the new Head of the Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer (IPT) department. (Image: CERN)


Christopher Hartley

EU Projects Management & Operational Support Section (IPT-EU-MS)

Svetlomir Stavrev


Cloé Levointurier-Vajda


Sabrina El yacoubi


 Pablo Lopez

Section Leader  Support with the submission of EU proposals & with project implementation.
Development of EU Projects & Initiatives Section (IPT-EU-PI)

Pablo Garcia Tello

Roy Pennings

Section Leader Support with new EU initiatives. 
Communication: IPT-EU  

Antoine Le Gall


Links with the EU Projects Office

External Grants (FAP-EF-EG)
Financial advice for EU projects 

Florence Olivia Pesce

Project contacts in EF-EG

Human Resources for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Projects (HR-TA)
Advice for Marie Curie actions

Ingrid Haug

Knowledge Transfer (IPT-KT) 
Advice on issues concerning Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and on Technology Transfer and Industry Involvement

Giovanni Anelli

Legal Service (DG-LS) 
Legal advice for EU projects

Mandy Stewart

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