Internal approval and submission of EU projects

All EU proposals, coordinated or not by CERN, need to be approved before submission via EDH (see below).

CERN PIC number to be used for all EU programmes, including H2020 and Erasmus : 999988133

For more details, please contact the EU Projects office

Submission and approval of EU projects

An EDH document for internal approval and submission of EU projects has been implemented and released by the FAP-AIS group as of 1 May 2015.

The new EDH document is to be used for any EU project, coordinated or not coordinated by CERN submitted to Horizon 2020 or other EU programmes. It will allow:

  • to streamline the implementation of the internal procedures for approval of EU projects;
  • to keep an electronic track of the approval of all EU proposals submitted to the EC;
  • to make sure that the information for the EU proposals is conveyed in a timely manner;
  • to obtain all necessary authorizations before the proposals are submitted to the EC.

► Proposals for which the EDH routing is not completed can be submitted only with the special agreement of the Director-General.

► If EU proposals are submitted without the necessary authorizations in EDH, CERN may withdraw from the consortium in case the projects are selected for funding.

The link to the EDH document can be found here

The EDH document needs to have as attachment a short project summary. The templates for the project summary can be found in the EDH document itself.