FP6 Accelerator Projects


Structured and integrated R&D in the field of accelerator development and related technologies

Coordinator: CEA, France

CERN Contact: Jean-Pierre Kouchouk (AT)

EU funding: 15.2 M€ 

01/01/2004- 31/12/2008


Design and development for the international Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR)

Coordinator: GSI, Germany

CERN Contact: Uli Raich (AB)

EU funding: 9.0 M€ 

01/02/2005- 31/01/2009

EURISOL Design Study

Design of the 'next-generation' European Isotope-on-line radioactive ion beam facility

Coordinator: GANIL, France

CERN Contact: Mats Lindroos (AB)

EU funding: 9.16 M€ 

01/02/2005- 31/07/2009


Integrated Infrastructure Initiative of the European nuclear structure scientists

Coordinator: GSI, Germany

CERN Contact: Yorick Blumenfeld (PH)

EU funding: 14.0 M€ 

01/01/2005- 31/12/2008


Design Study for critical R&D components of future electron-positron colliders

Coordinator: DESY, Germany

CERN Contact: Daniel Schulte (AB)

EU funding: 9 M€ 

01/01/2005- 31/12/2008