FP6 Other Projects


ERA-Net for coordinating and funding national research efforts in Astroparticle Physics

Coordinator: CNRS, France

CERN Contact: James Gilles (DSU)

EU funding: 2.5 M€ 

01/07/2006- 30/09/2009


Development of new techniques and approaches for tumour imaging

Coordinator: KI , Sweden

CERN Contact: Manjit Dosanjh (DSU)

EU funding: 6 M€ 

01/03/2004- 30/08/2008


European Facilities for Nuclear Data Measurements

Coordinator: CNRS, France

CERN Contact: Enrico Chiaveri (EN)

EU funding: 2.4 M€ 

01/12/2006- 30/11/2010


EIROforum European science teachers initiative

Coordinator: ESA, France

CERN Contact: Rolf Landua (DSU)

EU funding: 2.4 M€ 

01/11/2004- 31/10/2008


Detector R&D towards the International Linear Collider

Coordinator: DESY, Germany

CERN Contact: Lucie Linssen (PH)

EU funding: 7 M€ 

01/06/2006- 31/12/2010


Optimal operation and further development of research infrastructures in Astroparticle Physics

Coordinator: CEA, France

CERN Contact: Gian Giudice (PH)

EU funding: 7.4 M€ 

10/04/2004- 31/03/2009