Do you know? Financial aspects of EU projects at CERN

The External Grants section ensures the implementation, the monitoring and financial follow-up of European Union funded projects.

23 June, 2022


If you have not yet attended the “EU funded projects-demystified!” training or you are taking your first steps in the world of EU projects, you will be delighted to know that the finances of EU projects are centralized in the FAP department. There is a dedicated section, FAP-RPC-EG to help you from the budget of the proposal to the financial reporting to the EU. Composed of five people, this team has extensive experience on the finances of EU projects from FP6 (which ran from 2002 to 2006) to Horizon Europe (running until 2027) and works closely with the EU office.

You will not be facing this complicated funding programme alone, the team will support you all along the project duration, whatever CERN role in the action is, no matter what project you are involved in: ERC Grants, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, Research Infrastructure projects with Transnational Access activities or not, Pre-Commercial Procurement actions or Cascade funding grants… In charge of all financial reports and main contact in case of audits, the team, with the support of the Department  Planification Officers (DPO), will implement the project budget in CERN tools, follow-up the expenses and issue the financial reports for you.

Do you have any questions on EU projects, such as what cost is eligible and what not? What is the difference between a contract and a subcontract for the EU? Who should fill timesheets and how? How are expenses reimbursed? How are other beneficiaries of the Consortium paid? What kind of supporting documents should be kept and how long? Just contact the team.

There are multiple ways to reach us and to get more information: via the CERN admin e-guide under the external funding overview page, via the webpages of our section (FAP-RPC-EG), by sending us an email at or by visiting us at the 3rd floor of building 4… We’ll be happy to help!