Face B of ATTRACT project will further align with European Green Deal

From next year, the ATTRACT Phase 1B project will explore data-collecting technologies suited for climate change applications.

15 December, 2022


ATTRACT Phase 1B consolidates the support of the European Commission towards the overall ATTRACT initiative, this time more closely linked to the Innovation Ecosystem Unit of the European Innovation Council (EIC).

With the signature of its Grant Agreement, the ATTRACT Phase 1B project will ramp up in full steam in the first quarter of next year. Aligned with the daunting challenges that Europe will face in the coming years related to climate change, it will focus on breakthrough technologies capable of collecting data (physical, chemical, biological characteristics) with high specificity and extreme sensitivity whilst offering high spatial and temporal resolution and massive parallelism.

Special attention will be paid to accelerate integration capacity: miniaturisation, portability, seamless connectivity for data collection and transmission… The technologies will have to be suitable for pervasive, low cost, and low-power ICT systems (incl. portable, wearable, IoT). In this way also, the project fully aligns with the European Commission Green Deal as well as reinforces the Green Village Initiative at CERN, which also be strongly ramping up in the first two quarters of next year.