MCSG Meetings

MCSG meetings on Indico

For the meetings you can contact
Chairperson for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Steering Group Heinz Pernegger
Human resources  Ingrid Haug
EU Projects Management & Operational Support Svetlomir Stavrev
Finance and audit ​representative Florence Olivia Pesce

Department representatives

Department MCSG Representative
HSE Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection unit Robert Froeschl
HR Human Resources Ingrid Haug
BE Beams  Mario Di Castro
SY Accelerator Systems Ruben Garcia Alia
EP Experimental Physics Heinz Pernegger
IPT Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer Roy Pennings
TE Technology Sergio Calatroni
IT Information Technology Maria Girone
TH Theoretical Physics Andreas Jüttner
EN Engineering Marco Garlasche
ATS-DO Accelerators and Technology sector - Directorate Office Ruben Garcia Alia