MCSG Meetings

MCSG meetings on Indico

For the meetings you can contact
Chairperson for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Steering Group Heinz Pernegger
Human resources  Ingrid Haug
EU Projects Management & Operational Support Svetlomir Stavrev
Finance and audit ​representative Florence Olivia Pesce

Department representatives

Department MCSG Representative
HSE Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection unit Robert Froeschl
HR Human Resources Ingrid Haug
BE Beams  Mario Di Castro
SY Accelerator Systems tbc
EP Experimental Physics Heinz Pernegger
IPT Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer Roy Pennings
TE Technology Sergio Calatroni
IT Information Technology Maria Girone
TH Theoretical Physics Andreas Jüttner
EN Engineering Marco Garlasche
ATS-DO Accelerators and Technology sector - Directorate Office tbc