COST: European Cooperation in Science and Technology


COST is an intergovernmental framework funding networking activities such as meetings, conferences, workshops, short-term scientific exchanges and dissemination activities. It does not fund the research itself.

What is a COST Action?

A COST Action is a network open to researchers collaborating in a field of science and technology of common interest to at least seven COST Members/Cooperating Members, based on a joint work programme lasting four years. 

Who can participate?

The COST Actions are open to: 

  • all fields of science and technology
  • all types of institutions (academia, public institutions, SME/industry, NGO, European/International organisations etc.)
  • all career stages
  • all countries (institutions from Non-COST Members can join based on mutual benefit).

Who is eligible for COST funding?

The average COST Action support is 130,000 € / year for a typical network of 25 COST Members. 

How to propose a COST Action?

Proposals for Actions can be submitted through a continuous open call.

Alternatively, researchers can also join ongoing Actions

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