Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)


What is a RISE action?

The RISE scheme promotes international and inter-sectoral collaboration through research and innovation staff exchanges, and through sharing of knowledge and ideas from academia to industry (and vice-versa).

RISE in practice

Applicants propose a joint R&I action, implemented through:

  • secondments (main modality)
  • training & networking activities: organising and taking part in workshops, seminars, summer schools, conferences. 

Proposals should include at least 3 partners (which can be universities, research institutions or non-academic organisations, SMEs) from 3 different countries  at least 2 of them must be established in different EU or associated countries

  • no maximum size for the number of participating organisations
  • BUT maximum 540 person-months of EU funded secondments per action

Duration of RISE projects = up to 4 years

Rules for secondments

  1. Staff members (managerial, technical or administrative roles) of any nationality and any career level can be seconded, as long as they are actively engaged or linked to R&D activities and if they have been at the sending institution at least 6 months prior to the secondment. 
  2. Total duration of secondments per individual staff member: max. 12 months, min. 1 month
  3. Staff members must return to the sending organisation after the secondment to pass on their knowledge. 

Eligible secondments

Intra-European International
Academic ↔ Academic clipart European beneficiary  non-EU or associated country (without sector restriction) OK
Academic ↔ Non-academic OK non-EU or associated country*European beneficiary
(without sector restriction)
Non-academic ↔ Non-academic clipart  Non-EU or associated country ↔
 Non-EU or associated country

* only if the non-EU or associated country is eligible for funding. 

Other examples of secondments non eligible for funding under MSCA RISE actions can be found here